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.this Explained in the most Simple Way!! (JavaScript) ✨

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.this Explained in the most Simple Way!! (JavaScript) ✨

Rajdeep Sengupta
·May 8, 2022·

2 min read

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Table of contents

  • Now What is global Object?
  • Strict Mode:
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.this Alone refers to the global object.

Now What is global Object?

In JavaScript everything is considered as object, so the whole window displayed by the browser is also a JavaScript object .

Code Example:


This statement in a .js/.jsx file only refers to the Window object.

In case it is just a normal function .this refers the same means Global Object.

//This is the example of a regular function.

function sum(){
    var add = 2+2;
    console.log("Sum of two number is: " +  add);


//Here ".this" doesnot refer to the sum() function this still refers to the global function.

In a method:

In a method ,this refers to the owner object.

What is a Method?

When you make a function in a java Script Object then it is called as method. Method of that parent object.

Example of a method:

const note={
    name: "Rajdeep Sengupta",
    class: "1st Year B.tech",

    sum: function(){
        var add= 2+2;
        console.log("Sum of this tow number is:  "+ add);



//Result in the console pannel.

Sum of thois tow number is:  4

//here .this console logs the whole parent object.Which is 'note

class: "1st Year B.tech"
name: "Rajdeep Sengupta"
sum: ƒ ()
[[Prototype]]: Object

//here it console logs the Name as expected. By (
Rajdeep Sengupta

Strict Mode:

Example of Strict Mode:

"use strict"

function sum(){
    var add = 2+2;
    console.log("Sum of two number is: " +  add);

But here even though it is a regular Function it will not give a the Global Object. This will be simply Undefined.

this - JavaScript | MDN

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